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Wood Elf artwork, Cyanide Studios


Wood Elves are elves who shun city life in favor of living in the forest. They are physically identical to High Elves, but prefer not to wear much armor, favoring a simple garb of natural colors such as green or ruddy browns. Their kingdom is far older than the human realms that surround it, and on the whole it is avoided by humans- who know that any creature that enters the forest with evil intent invites a swift death from an unseen arrow or sudden sword strike. This means that Wood Elves are rarely seen by other races, except when one of their teams and its fans arrive as if from nowhere to play a match, disappearing back into the countryside just as mysteriously once the game is over [1]!

Wood Elves make natural Blood Bowl players, although their refusal to wear heavy armor does leave them vulnerable to some of the more hard hitting opposing teams. Generally, however, Wood Elves' natural athletic ability is enough to keep them out of trouble- it takes a fast and cunning foe to lay a hand on a Wood Elf player! In any case, no decent Wood Elf would be seen in bulky, shapeless armor, let alone be forced to lurk across the pitch like a filthy Skaven. For Wood Elves, the long pass is everything, even more so than for their High Elf cousins, and all of their effort goes into becoming expert at throwing or receiving. The one exception to this are the Wood Elf Wardancers. These extremely athletic warriors are trained in the deadly arts of hand-to-hand combat and are a match for almost any foe [1].

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