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Vampire artwork by Games Workshop, 2010

Vampires are just one of the many Undead nightmares that stalk the shadows on moonless nights, but never let it be said that they aren't the most civilized. Unlike the Skeletons, Zombies and Wights that are held together by necromancy, Vampires are notable creatures, capable of existing among human society with little fear of discovery. Since Blood Bowl took the world by storm, a great number have stepped out of the shadows to involve themselves in the sport, the most famous being star commentator Jim Johnson. Teams made up exclusively of Vampires are almost unheard of, but those who do with to play usually pad out their numbers with thralls, who gladly give up free will in exchange for the life of a Blood Bowl player [1].

Famous Vampire Teams

  • Black Sabbeths
  • Streissen Vampires

Famous Vampire Star Players

  • Count Luthor von Drakenborg
  • Crazy Igor
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