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Underworld Creepers (2440 - present) 

2440: Combining the Worsts

After several years of trying to come to any sort of organization or agreement between Goblins and Skaven, the Underworld Creepers are finally formed[1].

2441 - 2470: Lance Fleshbarb Era

The Creepers received many defeats and were close to disbanding until Coach Lance Fleshbarb came to wrangle the team together. His major strategy of just letting the players decide what they should do. Assassinations and and organization problems decrease as a result[1].

2484 - present: Chaos Cup and Sacrifices

In 2484, the Creepers upset the Blood Bowl world by winning the Chaos Cup. After the win, they get their team lineups ratified by the NAF, which was finally found in an obscure passage of the Sacred Law of Nuffle. Along with new financial sponsorships thanks to their Chaos Cup title and official status, the Creepers sacrifice their head coach, Fleshbarb, in celebration[1].

Star Players

As of yet, no playable star players have come from the rosters of the Underworld Creepers.




2488/2489 Season
Number Name Position
C Lance Fleshbarb Coach
1 Garbage Throttlesnot Goblin Catcher
2 Spike Skinelf Goblin Catcher
3 "Slasher" Bowelgrim Goblin Catcher
4 Fester Rustblade Goblin Catcher
5 Stickpig Maim Goblin
6 "Ace" Fireblade Goblin
7 Lickfester Midden Goblin
8 Piles Openwound Goblin
9 Notchblade Abcess Goblin
10 Wildman Teethgarland Goblin
11 Split Tendoncutter Skaven Blitzer
12 "Fast Draw" O'Gore Skaven Blitzer
13 Shaftsplitter Grim Skaven Thrower
14 Firespitter Cleave Skaven Thrower
15 "Race" O'Bunyon Skaven Lineman
16 "Fat" Brainsplatter Skaven Lineman


2478/2479 Season
Number Name Position
C Lance Fleshbarb Coach
1 Garbage Throttlesnot Goblin
2 Spike Skinelf Goblin
3 "Slasher" Bowelgrim Goblin
4 Fester Rustblade Goblin
5 Stickpig Maim Goblin
6 Lickfester Midden Goblin
7 Piles Openwound Goblin
8 Notchblade Abcess Goblin
9 Wildman Teethgarland Goblin
10 Split Tendoncutter Skaven Blitzer
11 "Fast Draw" O'Gore Skaven Blitzer
12 Shaftsplitter Grim Skaven Thrower
13 Firespitter Cleave Skaven Thrower
14 "Race" O'Bunyon Skaven Lineman
15 "Fat" Brainsplatter Skaven Lineman
16 Grograt Crunchskull Troll


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