Blood Bowl Wiki

By the year 2493, Blood Bowl teams became used to traveling around the Old World, playing whomever they could, wherever they could. However, it's not always the teams that travel! Many hardcore fans, entertainers, retainers, and various representatives of companies will accompany these teams.

Instead of stadiums owned by the teams, cities and towns now own the venues and hold various and sundry tournaments to bring in tourism or a bump in trade. These towns will offer to pay for a team to play and the cash they receive is dependent on the number of fans that show up to partake in a day of Blood Bowl. Teams even get paid for losing!

No matter where they play, all teams vie for a chance to get the experience they need to compete at one or more of the four Majors. Hopefully, they can harness and cultivate their talent as well as get enough money to support the team and keep them fed and healthy for a chance to hold up the Blood Bowl Championship Trophy!

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