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Although the Blood Bowl Universe may seem to take place in the Warhammer Fantasy Universe due to its identical maps and place names, the Blood Bowl Universe is an alternate universe of Warhammer Fantasy. Therefore, though country, province, and city names may be the same, the history is quite different.


Year Event
-5500 (estimate) The original game of Blood Bowl is first played.
2345 Hubris Rakarth is born
235x (estimate) Blood Bowl is rediscovered
237x? (estimate) Commisioner Roze-El dies aged 196
237x? (estimate) Djimm Thorp takes over as commisioner
2381 The Illuminated Seers of the Sacred Orb of Nuffle (one of Roze-El's original sects) update themselves to become the Dwarf Giants
2389 Altdorf Acolytes (now the Reikland Reavers) are formed.
2396 First recorded Chaos Cup Final
2399 Infamous game between Dwarf Giants and Reikland Reavers almost turns into a full scale war when neither side can agree on a set of rules.
2402 The Chaos All-Stars are formed
2403 The Gouged Eye are formed
2409 NAF 'Official' Rules are published
2419 Madbull Chainspleen become so much of a terror to the game, that players actually work as a team to block him away from fallen comrades, thus the first star players and veterans of the game come into being.
2420 The Chaos All-Stars are accidentally transported to another plane after winning the Chaos Cup .
2422 The world first hears about the Darkside Cowboys (original founding date unknown)
2425 The Champions of Death are formed.
242? (estimate) Jorge Hellhound takes over as commisioner
2429 The Chaos All-Stars finally make it back to this plane.
2432 The league is split into two conferences (AFC and NFC) with the winners of each meeting in the Blood Bowl final.
2435 The Severed Heads (later Orcland Raiders) are formed. Norse Stadiams undergo mandatory safety checks after the Dwarf Giants lose nine great players when they first lit a fire in the dugout to keep warm, melting the side of the pitch, and then performed a victorious "high-five" in the end zone, tipping the ice floe over.
2443 Vynheim Valkyries go professional
2454 Harry 'The Hammer' Kehry makes his debut
2457 Varag Ghoul-Chewer is born
2460 The Marienburg Fishers are formed
2461 Bloodweiser Beer sponsors the Blood Bowl for the first time becoming the Blood Bowl we all now know. Griff Oberwald is born
2464 First Dwarf Death-Roller is deployed by the Dwarf Warhammerers.
2465 The Greenfield Grasshuggers are formed
2466 Ramtut III makes his (re)debut
2468 The Dar-Ellarath beechtrees and Ashvale Valar combine to form the Elfheim Eagles. Rumble-Gut Rockbelly the Troll sets the record for Most Team Mates Eaten In A Match.
2469 Morg'th N'Htrog makes his first apperance. 'Hungry' Massif Bovine becomes the heaviest player (410lbs) to play in a Blood Bowl final.
2470 The Worlds Edge Superleague is formed. The Marienburg Fishers quit after finding out there are no oranges in the dugout at half time.
2471 Orcidas take over the sponsorship of the Chaos Cup and throw out the Elfheim Eagles for not featuring any chaos tainted player.
2472 Lowdown Rats are formed. The infamous 'Quagmire Incident' which causes the Bright Crusaders stadium to sink into the earth after rampant spell casting.
2473 MAD (Dungeonbowl league) is formed. The Darkside Cowboys and Kishargo Werebears play the infamous match which lasted 19 days and ends with the deaths of the last remaning players on either side. NAF rules are added to limit the time of games.
2476 A players strike and a ban on AFC teams means only one game is played this year, between the Grasshuggers and Crescents.
2477 Players' strike where owners tried and failed to bring in new talent. Asgard Ravens win 5 out of 5 games when they field their cheerleading squad, the Valhalla Chorus.
2478 The Skaven Scramblers become the only team to retain the Blood Bowl trophy by beating the Gouged Eye 3-2
2482 The limit of 16 players is introduced after 743 Greenfield Grasshuggers are killed against the Asgard Ravens.
2483 Griff Oberwald makes his debut for the Reavers.
2485 Astrogranite makes its first appearance.
2486 Harry 'The Hammer' Kehry retires. ABC wins the rights to broadcast the NAF for 13 million gold crowns!
2487 Jeremia Kool retires. 2nd edition begins at the end of this season.
2488 'Speccy' McGroan is awarded the worst player of all time after one season and 30 fumbles.
2489 The NAF collapses as Nikk Three-Horn runs away with the leagues treasury during the Blood Bowl final.
2490 NBC (Necromancers Broadcasting Circle) join forces with Orcidas to host the first Chaos Cup Open, the first 'major' since the collapse of the NAF. Shortly afterwards ABC (Association of Broadcasting Conjurers) works with Bloodweiser to host the first Blood Bowl open.
2492 The Grudge Bearers are formed.
2493 The Marauders beat Bugmans Best 7-0 to record the highest championship score ever.
2493 The current year....