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The Spike! trophy is a mounted mithril gauntlet holding a mithril dagger on a plinth. This open is the most recent of the four majors, but thanks to the money and fame of Spike! Magazine, the major is here to stay.

 Prizes and Money

The prize and money offered to the winners of the Spike! Open are the mithril Spike! Trophy and 200,000 gold pieces to the winners. The losers receive 100,000 gold pieces. After the match is played, the Team of the Year and Player of the Year Awards are announced as voted on by the readers of Spike! Magazine[1].

Spike! Open



Winning Team Score Losing Team
I 2488 Reikland Reavers
VI 2493 Skavenblight Scramblers
  1. 3rd Ed. Rulebook, pg 32, 1994