Blood Bowl Wiki

Artist's rendition of a Blood Bowl Coach invoking the power a Sotek, the God of War


According to Lizardmen theology, The Old Ones were an ancient, hyper-intelligent, god-like beings and served as the mysterious shaping hand of the world. The Old Ones created the world's current geography and climate, and created new sentient races to inhabit it including the Slann and Lizardmen, High ElvesDwarfsHumansOgres and Halflings. The Old Ones embarked on this journey in an effort to create a world capable of resisting and combating the threat of Chaos.

The Slann, a magical and possibly immortal species, follow the plans of the Old Ones to guide the development of the world and the younger races. This also included hobbies, chief among them- Blood Bowl, a game played in honor of Nuffle, who was either one of the Old Ones or a god of a different sort[1].

For an epoch, this continued, the Slann shaping their world in accordance with the Great Plan of the Old Ones, the Lizardmen serving the Slann, and Blood bowl being played for entertainment and recreation. However, the magical gateways between worlds that were erected at the poles of the planet by the Slann to allow the Old Ones to come and go, suddenly collapsed. This caused a tide of raw chaos to be unleashed, ushering in an age of war as the gods of Chaos, angered at the favoritism shown to their cousin, Nuffle, by the Slann, embedded themselves into the fabric of reality[2].

The most worshipped of the Old Ones is Sotek the Deliverer. He is the God of War and Serpents and one of the most infamous Gods of the Lizardmen of Lustria. He has been called upon by his worshippers to help devour their enemies whole during times of war. However, now that calmer, peaceful minds have prevailed since the creation of Blood bowl, Sotek is called upon for victory for his followers and crushing defeat for their enemies. And, if he swallowed the enemies whole, that would be great, too.

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