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The Bloodweiser Blood Bowl Championship Winners' Trophy, also known as the Blood Bowl, or the Blood Bowl Championship, was initially awarded to the champions of the NFC and the AFC champions. Prior to 2461, Blood Bowl Championship games were played simply to determine who was the Best Team in the World, as a friendly exhibition tournament. When the Bloodweiser Corporation began its sponsorship, the surge in popularity and financial backing for marketing and advertising took the trophy to a whole new level[1].

The Blood Bowl Cup, also known as the Blood Bowl Trophy, or the Buddy Grafstein Trophy (the name of the chairman of Bloodweiser who first presented the Cup), is made from solid, Dwarf gold, and is extremely valuable in its own right. This, naturally, has led to its theft many times over the years, so much so that the current trophy is in its fourth incarnation. As this is a moving trophy, many Blood Bowl clubs have spent a lot of their money (or winnings) on security measures to keep it from being stolen[1].

With the collapse of the NAF in 2490, the Association of Broadcasting Conjurers (ABC) teamed up with Bloodweiser to host the 2491 Blood Bowl XXXI. Along with the Chaos Cup, the Spike! Open, and Dungeonbowl, these four tournaments are known as, "The Majors.[2]"

Prizes and Money

The prize and money offered to the winners of the Blood Bowl Championship are the Blood Bowl Trophy and 350,000 gold pieces. The losers receive 150,000 gold pieces. However, each individual player from both teams receives a Blood Bowl Player's Medal for participating in the final[2].

Blood Bowl Championship



Winning Team Score Losing Team Venue City
I 2461 Darkside Cowboys The Chaos All-Stars
II 2462 Dwarf Giants
III 2463 Vynheim Valkyries Reikland Reavers Longship Stadium Vynheim
IV 2464 The Gouged Eye Dwarf Giants Middenheim Stadium Middenheim
V 2465** Middenheim Marauders (as of 2493) **Due to magical interference, the winner of 2465 gets changed from time to time Southstorm Squids
VI 2466 Champions of Death Vynheim Valkyries
VII 2467 The Chaos All-Stars Shiretown Stuffers
VIII 2468 Nurgle's Rotters
IX 2469 Severed Heads (Orcland Raiders)
X 2470 Galadrieth Gladiators The Gouged Eye
XI 2471 Reikland Reavers
XII 2472 Arctic Cragspiders
XIII 2473 The Gouged Eye
XIV 2474 Vynheim Valkyries The Gouged Eye Longship Stadium Vynheim
XV 2475 Oldheim Ogres
XVI 2476 Creeveland Crescents 3 - 0 Greenfield Grasshuggers
XVII 2477 Skavenblight Scramblers 3-1 Middenheim Marauders
XVIII 2478 Skavenblight Scramblers 3-2 The Gouged Eye
XIX 2479 Reikland Reavers
XX 2480 Elfheim Eagles Nurgle's Rotters
XXI 2481 Darkside Cowboys
XXII 2482 Bluchan Berzerkers
XXIII 2483 Severed Heads (Orcland Raiders) Middenheim Marauders
XXIV 2484 Dwarf Giants
XXV 2485 Reikland Reavers Darkside Cowboys
XXVI 2486 Champions of Death
XXVII 2487 Reikland Reavers 3 - 2 Vynheim Valkyries
XXVII 2488 Darkside Cowboys
XXIX 2489** Reikland Reavers **Game not finished Darkside Cowboys
XXX 2490 Orcland Raiders
XXXI 2491 Reikland Reavers The Marauders
XXXII 2492 Skavenblight Scramblers
XXXIII 2493 Middenheim Maulers Reikland Reavers
XXXIV 2494 Skavenblight Scramblers 4-0 Da Deff Skwadd
XXXV 2495 Gouged Eye
XXXVI 2496 Athelorn Avengers Da Deff Skwadd
XXXVI 2497 Naggaroth Nightmares
XXXVII 2498 The Grudgebearers
XXXVII 2499 Reikland Reavers
XXXIX 2500 Warpfire Wanderers
XL 2501 Champions of Death
XLI 2502 Caledor Dragons
XLII 2503 Flatlined Annihilators 2-0 Altdorf All-Stars Altdorf Old Bowl Altdorf

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