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"This book appears to be the religious text of a group of warriors who came from a land called 'Amorica'."

-A Half-Blind Dwarf who was an expert in all languages, both current and arcane[1]

Uncivilized creatures before Blood Bowl

Before the beautiful, bashy game of Blood Bowl, all of the uncivilized races settled their differences on battlefields like childish, ignoramuses. During a parley, after a particularly brutal battle between Dwarfs and Orcs, a bored and hungry Orc chieftain by the name of Mungk, accidentally opened a doorway to an ancient domed building while digging for earthworms. Inside the building were rooms with various and sundry armor, as well as strange symbols and mosaics. Inside was also an enormous book. Because the races of old preferred to batter each other with their fists and swords, few took time out of their busy day of killing to learn to read, therefore, the book was a mystery. Thankfully, curiosity overtook the generals of both sides and they found an ancient seer who could translate the tome.

Dwarf line.jpg

Taken as a religious text, as it was dedicated to the god, Nuffle, the tome contained the basic rules of what would become Blood Bowl: the number of warriors, or "players", the object of the battle, or "game", and the size of the battelfield, or "pitch".

Agreeing to use the newly discovered game to resolve their differences, both sides introduced a team to compete and so the first game of "Nuffle Amorical Football" began [2]. Although no winner was ever recorded, the excitement of this new game dissolved the desire to continue the battle, and both sides left to spread their enthusiasm over the new sport, Blood Bowl. Once stragglers cleaned the field after the first game, the sacred and green pitch of the gridiron became apparent that this was an official pitch of Nuffle as mentioned form the sacred book.

Not Roze-El but probably what he looked like

The ancient seer who translated the book, dedicated his life to Nuffle and adopted the title and name, Sacred Commissioner Roze-El, a high priest previously mentioned in the book. He set up a sect that would dedicate itslef to Nuffle and the sacred game of Blood Bowl.

Civilized men after discovering Blood Bowl

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