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Slann Player, Games Workshop, 1989

The Slann are an ancient race who once roamed the stuff of Chaos in their marvelous silver spaceships. But no longer- the Slann have long since degenerated and the technological marvels they once produced are now a hing of the past. So low have they sunk into barbarity that they even (shudder) play Blood Bowl[1].

In fact, there are only a few Slann teams around. Those that do exist are reasonably good, their only weakness being the Slann's poor throwing and kicking ability. But there is little to marvel at in the Slann game beyond an ability to outjump Storm Giants. Their arrogance makes them pick the hardest games, nearly always including the Darkside Cowboys, the Reikland Reavers, the Orcland Raiders, and the Chaos All-Stars in their itinerary[1].

Famous Slann Teams

  • Lustria Croakers

Famous Slann Star Players

  • Lottabottol
  • Quetzal Leap
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