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Skaven artwork by Games Workshop, 2010


Skaven society is highly stratified and bound up in complex rituals, but on the Blood Bowl pitch, all barriers drop away as every player gives their all for their teams complete and utter victory. The game has become very popular in all fields of Skaven life - the Skaven loving any opportunity for mindless violence. In fact, it has become very difficult to persuade them that there is any other purpose to the game once they are on the field, or even when they are just spectating in the stands! Some of the great all-time Player Death and Crowd Death records have occurred in games in which the Skaven have been on the pitch[1].

Because the Skaven have taken to Blood Bowl in a warped and feverish way, a new Clan emerged- Clan Rigens. While Clan Rigens boasts over 20 teams, only the Skavenblight Scramblers were the only NAF team before 2490, winning two consecutive Blood Bowl Championships[2].

Famous Teams

Famous Skaven Star Players


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