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Undead artwork by Games Workshop, 2010

In the Old World, the dead and damned do not rest easy. Necromancers seek to escape their mortality by searching for forbidden knowledge within the pages of accursed books. Ghouls slink about the graveyards, their insatiable hunger for the flesh of the dead turning them into abominations against nature. Wights guard the tombs of those they served thousands of years ago, an eternal vigil in the darkness. And on the Blood bowl pitch, players who died long ago return the scenes of their former glory and play Blood Bowl once again [1].

While necromancy is outlawed everywhere in the Old World, the actual teams of the dead are a welcome sight to many Blood Bowl stadiums throughout the world. After all, why pay to see old Cabalvision footage of those greats when you can pop along and see them in the (rotten, worm-infested) flesh [1]!

However, there's not a lot going for the average Undead players, as they tend to be slow, throw poorly, and the skeletons are habitually carried off the pitch in batches of threes and fours. To make up for this, Necromancers have added Mummies, Ghouls, and Wights to (ahem) flesh out the team. However, this hasn't always proven to be very effective as Mummies generally take so long to get kitted up that having more than two on the team means you have to arrive four days early [1].

Famous Shambling Undead Teams

Famous Shambling Undead Star Players

Star Players Who Play for Shambling Undead Teams

  • Count Luthor von Drakenborg
  • Frank N Stein
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