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"It seems to me that Nuffle has seen our dilemma and is trying to resolve it. I suggest that a team is put forward from each side, and that our differences be resolved in this fashion."

-Roze-El, Sacred Commissioner

Little is known of the dwarf seer who adopted the name, Roze-El. Sources claim he was recognized, and respected, as an educated seer who was an expert in "all languages, both current and arcane[1]."

He was initially summoned upon the discovery of an ancient tome during a parley of a battle between Dwarves and Orcs, and was allowed to examine and translate the book while the armies waited. After three days, the seer declared the tome to be a religious text containing the teachings of the god, Nuffle. After adopting the name, Roze-El, and the title, Sacred Commissioner.

Roze-El soon formed a sect following Nuffle, whose adherents would scour the tome for revelations and laws concerning Blood Bowl. Their jobs were to not only translate the tome itself, but the pamphlets, papers, and scrolls left behind as well, which gave more insight and clarification to the rites and laws of Blood Bowl.

Dedicating his life to Nuffle, Roze-El made "many great strides in recreating Nuffle's original rites[1]," before passing on to the Great Pitch Beyond at 196.

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