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The folk of the Old World are keen players of chance and skill, and the towns and cities in which they reside have been home to enthusiastic backyard competitions. Eventually, with the rise of Blood Bowl, amateur pub leagues began springing up in villages, towns, and cities, since the local taverns and pubs have always been the centers of drunken activity. All across the Old World, the rules of the NAF have been set aside by publicans and their patrons, preferring to play alongside their friends in the spirit of harmony than to exclude someone based on something as insignificant as race[1].

In the years since the demise of the NAF, the RARG has proven quite open to the inclusion of such mixed teams that include Human, Dwarf, Halfling, and Ogre players. These cosmopolitan teams have proven popular with fans, representing their own experiences of playing Blood bowl with their friends[1].

Famous Old World Alliance Teams

  • The Averland All-Stars
  • The Champions of Law
  • The Hoffenheim Harlequins
  • The Middenheim Maulers
  • The Nuln Doom-Forgers

Famous Old World Alliance Players

Currently, there are no star players that play exclusively for Old World Alliance Teams.

Star Players Who Play For Old World Alliance Teams

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