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Ogre Smash!, 1st Rulebook Cover, 1986


Ogres are large, humanoid creatures roughly ten feet tall and can be twice as large as a Human. They are naturally resilient, dim-witted, and prone to violence of all kind which makes them natural Blood Bowl players. It isn't far fetched to say the two things they value most is fighting and eating, and so they have played Blood Bowl since its inception. In the fledgling years of Blood Bowl, Ogres played on many teams, however, they currently are more regulated and so play on Human, Chaos Renegades, and their own Ogre teams.


Ogre Kingdoms Map.jpg

Most Ogres have formed teams or have been recruited from various places around the Old World, although their highest concentration of habitation are the Mountains of Mourn. No one knows quite where Ogres originated and since it is rare an Ogre picks up a book without eating it, let alone writing one, it may never be known.

Players and Non-Players

The following Ogres have had their names recorded for various deeds- noble or ignoble! Out of all players, regardless of race, Morg 'N Thorg is considered one of the greatest of all time and he hasn't even retired. Another Ogre anomaly in the sense that people can readily understand him, while enjoying his running commentary is Bob Bifford, one half of the most famous announcers of Blood Bowl, along with the Vampire, Jim Johnson. The "*" denotes a current playable character as of 2018.

Name Team Position First Appearance
*Bertha Bigfist* Ogre 5th Ed., 2008
Borg'th 'N' Hthrog, "The Howitzer" Ogre 2nd Ed., 1988
*Brick Far'th* Ogre 5th Ed., 2008
Grak 'Ng' Grak Gorthag Ogre White Dwarf #114, 1989
Grunk H'Thon Orcland Raiders Ogre 3rd Ed., 1994
Grunn'k M'mthrog Ogre Star Players, 1989
*Morg 'N' Thorg, "The Ballista"* Chaos All-Stars Ogre 1st Ed., 1986
Coaching and Support Staff
Name Race Team Position First Appearance
Crueleye Ogre Orcland Raiders Coach 2nd Ed., 1988
Media Personnel
Name Race Company Position First Appearance
Bob Bifford Ogre Cabalvision Commentator 1st Ed., 1986
Name Race Position First Appearance
*Jorm the Ogre* Ogre Referee Death Zone: Season Two, 2017


These are the models for generic Ogres made by Games Workshop. 1st and 2nd Edition figures courtesy of