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Ogre artwork by Games Workshop, 2010


Ogres have been playing Blood Bowl since the game was re-discovered. In fact, they were the first of the "big guys", as they were known, to take the pitch. After all, possessing a childish intelligence, a destructive nature, and great strength and size, they are the perfect Blood Bowl players. Ogres have featured on many teams, and the most famous- Morg 'n' Thorg, was voted "The Greatest Player of All Time" in a Spike! magazine poll [1].

While Ogres are commonly found on teams as a single player, actual Ogre teams are far less common. This has much to do with the fact that getting 11 Ogres onto the same pitch at the same time is practically impossible due to the tendency of Ogres to flat out forget what they are doing, to get involved in a brawl in the dugout, or to just go to the nearest pub and get utterly hammered. Because of this, Ogre coaches (the smartest of their kin) tend to fill out the team with lesser races to gently nudge and remind the big guys what they are supposed to be doing. Up until recently, Ogre coaches would often use Goblins to help, but after more than one Ogre team went bankrupt due to the kleptomaniac tendencies of the Goblins, Ogre teams started using an even lesser race to help- Snotlings [1].

Surprisingly, Snotlings do have some advantages over Goblins. The main one, of course, is a general lack of "sticky fingers" and thus a healthier bank balance for the team. They're also nimble and more than a few players have been left red-faced as a Snotling darted between their legs for a touchdown. Of course, Snotlings have a long list of disadvantages, the main one being the utter lack of staying power on the pitch. A Snotling knows he needs a mate just to even his chances blocking a Halfling! Even tripping on a stone has led to Snotling fatalities, and the more a Snotling gets thrown down the pitch by an Ogre, the larger the chance that one of these days he will land head first in the end zone. And the last thing going through his mind? The turf [1]!

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