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Rotspawn artwork, Cyanide Studios

The followers of Chaos have been involved in Blood Bowl since the earliest days of the sport. Although most teams started as a conglomerate of followers of all of the Chaos gods, it didn't take long for teams to be more selective in their choice of deity. Most teams draw their players from shadowy plague cults or wandering bands of diseased prophets- in fact, nowadays, even the smallest cabal is likely to have an amateur team that heads to the local waste ground every weekend for a quick kickabout [1].

On the field, what they lack in agility and coordination, they more than make up for with brute strength, a natural resilience to harm, and a whole playbook of stomach-churning tactics devised to bring the other team to its knees. Though Nurgle teams defy conventional definition, they tend to be made up predominantly of Rotters- players who have only recently contracted Nurgle's Rot; Bloaters- players so swollen with disease, they are walking hives of decay; Pestigors- Beastmen attracted to the smell; and Rotspawn- players so blessed by the Plague God, Nurgle, that they have devolved into hideously mutated beasts [1].

Famous Nurgle Teams

  • Bile-City Blightkings
  • Diseased Destroyers
  • Nurgle's Rotters
  • The Plaguebearers
  • The Subterranean Slimeballs

Famous Nurgle Star Players

Star Players Who Play for Nurgle Teams

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