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How many view Nuffle. Maybe not the physical representation, but definitely the spirit.

Although there are many writings about the god, Nuffle, including original sacred texts, little is known about the god Itself. Like many other gods, specifically the Chaos gods, Nuffle has a sacred number: 11. This number represents how many players from a team are allowed on a pitch at one time.

It is not clear whether the writings dedicated to Nuffle are words from Nuffle Itself, or simply inspired by Nuffle. It is also not clear as to how Nuffle grants boons or curses, or if It does either at all! Although many players either pray or say a few sacred words before or after a game, no one can agree on what Nuffle looks like, whether It is male or female, or if It is beyond such designations. Those who claim to have met or spoken to Nuffle have also been known to suffer from multiple concussions or multiple ales.

What is known is the Chaos gods, Khaine, and other religious deities, have no power over Nuffle logically making It more powerful than all of them.

There are several theories to answer the question: who or what is Nuffle? Some sects claim It is a god more powerful than all other gods, thus making It the head of a pantheon or an amalgamation of all gods. Some sects claim It is a deistic god, creating the universe but unconcerned with intervening in the affairs of mortals. Some sects also claim It is a Chaos god Itself, having It's own sacred number. According to Rudy Chitterlings, Sports Arcanist, "he is one of the gods of our world, a cousin to the Dark Gods of Chaos with whom he shares more in common than the staid and boring Gods of Law."[1]

It is true there are many who love Nuffle and worship It, having set up many churches around the known world. However, not everyone loves Nuffle or even likes It, including the Nuffle Blasphemer's Association (NBA), who believe Nuffle is more of a chaotic, trickster god who punishes everyone for his own sick amusement.

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