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Norse artwork by Games Workshop, 2010

Hailing from the frozen north, the Norse are a hardy folk. Their life is one of blood, sweat, and toil, with only the occasional raid to break the monotony. At lease that was the case until they found out about Blood Bowl. Since then, the frost rimed hills have rung with the sound of cheering fans and they resounding crunch of breaking bones, In many ways, they are ideal Blood Bowl players; they're brutal, not too bright, very tough and always ready for a punch-up (and that's before they break open the ales at half-time). Norse teams would already be a daunting prospect, but to make matters worse, they often bring along monstrous allies from their homeland. Ferocious Ulfwerenar with fur as white as fresh-fallen snow give blood-cutting howls as they wait for the referee to blow his whistle, while gangle-limbed Yhetees prowl the field in search of fresh meat [1].

Famous Norse Teams

Famous Norse Star Players

  • Icepelt Hammerblow
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