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New World Football Conference (NFC)

The NFC was one of two conferences along with the Auld World Football Conference (AFC) that ran from 2432 until it was dissolved in 2490 with the collapse of the NAF, for a total of 58 years. There were twenty teams in each conference which were further split into four divisions with five teams each: Northern Division, Western Division, Eastern Division, and Central Division[1].

All teams in any division could play any team they wanted, provided they only played 16 matches, must have played every team in their division, and didn't play a team more than twice. Matches were organized at a pre-season meeting of the owners. Each brought 16 team socks (or some other apparel, such as the Halflings who do not wear shoes) and would exchange them for other teams' socks in a frantic and chaotic meeting[1].

The NFC was the only conference whose teams could receive the Orcidas Team of the Year Award, usually by being the NFC Conference winner[2].

Northern Division[3]

Western Division

Eastern Division

Central Division

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