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Nuffle Blasphemer's Association (NBA)

An NBA monk drowning his sorrows away.

Not all Blood Bowlers out there love and worship Nuffle. There are a few out there who dislike him and curse his name. The Nuffle Blasphemer's Association (NBA) was started by Torg the Blasphemer, coach of Torg's Terminators, when his star player unexpectedly died in the league semi-final. With the game on the line, Sig "the Butcher” Thundersmack was sprinting toward the end zone for the winning touchdown when he seemed to trip over the goal line itself resulting in his neck being broken. The opposition was able to recover the ball and p ull off an unbelievable scoring play that sent them to the league final instead. Torg cursed Nuffle for his fickleness and started up the NBA, which has grown over the years to include a number of players and coaches who have become disenchanted with Nuffle. You may see them at Blood Bowl games in their long black robes holding up signs denouncing the Blood Bowl god. Most people consider them a bunch of complete wackos and tend to ignore them[1].

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