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Morr is the God of the Dead, not the God of Death. He abhors the Undead, Necromancers, and Daemons who wish to disturb those who have passed. One legend says that,at the beginning of time, Morr, Taal, and Ulric divided the world up between them. Taal and Ulric both demanded the living world, and fought for it, but Morr said he would settle for the empty realm of the dead. The other two Gods ignored him, until he passed through their realms, killing to populate his own. Then Taal and Ulric confronted the God of the Dead, and demanded that he confine his attentions to his own realm, and not trespass on theirs. Morr agreed, on the condition that Taal and Ulric ultimately send all the inhabitants of their realms to him. Another legend relates that Morr appeared after the first Human died, and defended his soul from the servants of the Dark Gods that sought to consume it. As more Humans died, Morr took them under his protection. Still others tell of the murder of Morr by Khaine, and of Morr’s foundation of his realm among the dead. Those who sleep approach death, and death is the future that awaits all. In this way, Morr is also the God of Dreams and Prophecy. Outside funerals, most people pray to Morr only in this capacity. Only the dead can seek his protection, and the dead do not pray[1].

Cult of Morr

The Cult of Morr is one of the most widespread cults in the Old World. In a world dominated by Blood Bowl, death is a constant companion; an inescapable end. Most Old Worlders reconcile their natural fears and come to accept death as a necessary part of life. In fact, some might say that Old Worlders, specifically people of the Empire, have an unhealthy fascination with it, incorporating symbols of death in all things. From the skulls that decorate their banners to the martial culture that infuses the Empire’s society, death is everywhere, and its master is Morr[1].

Because of their beliefs, the Cult of Morr are the most prolific opponents to the inclusion of the Undead in Blood Bowl due to the pilfering of corpses. In an ill-fated effort by the priesthood of Morr to stop Undead coaches from plundering tombs of dead Blood Bowl Stars, they invented "Morr's Trousers." These heavy iron breeches helped Necromancers to identify the most valuable corpses and served to provide them to practice their lock-picking skills[2].

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