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Lizardman artwork by Games Workshop, 2010


If Blood Bowl historians are to be believed, Lizardmen have been playing the sport for over 8,000 years. This does seem a little hard to believe, especially as that would mean they were playing it centuries before an Orc called Mungk sat down for a rest and discovered a certain silver dome. But, whenever this comes up the historians just nod smugly, peer over their spectacles and say that this just goes to show how prescient Lizardmen are. Whatever they story behind their involvement in the sport, they've definitely made an impact! On the field, Lizardmen epitomize teamwork, with up to three different species working together on the pitch at the same time. Skinks are the most numerous players, highly agile and as quick as lightning. They are balanced out by Sauruses, monstrosities capable of felling an Ogre with a single blow [1].

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