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Kreek Rustgouger, also known as "The Verminator", is a fanatic who plays for the Warpfire Wanderers, even through a record 22 lifetime bans, thanks to constant upgrades and personality resetting by Clan Rigens, allowing him to be a "new" player after reconfiguration[1]. Currently, Kreek is a free agent who lends his services to Skaven and Underworld Denizens teams[2].

Professional Career

Kreek "The Verminator" Rustgouger began with the Warpfire Wanderers in 2489. Rustgouger is known for playing with a different weapon in every game, mostly just variations on the ball and chain, and receives multiple lifetime bans for the blatant disregard of the rules and the NAF's initial ruling of disallowing secret weapons[1].

Every time he is banned, Rustgouger gets retooled by his handlers, and in their view, creates a different player entirely. Thanks to his fanbase and the ratings perceived by network executives, Rustgouger remains to play after every ban[1].

Personal Life

Clan Rigens is responsible for the experimentation that has led to Kreek Rustgouger and his use of violence and secret weapons. No one knows exactly how many experimentations have been done on Rustgouger, nor what kind of rat he originally was, although many believe him to be a Rat Ogre[1].


There are currently no models of Kreek "The Verminator" Rustgouger.



"We'll be back-back!" -Kreek "The Verminator" Rustgouger

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