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Khemri artwork by Games Workshop, 2010

Once upon a time, Undead teams were few and far between, but that's not the case these days! Relative newcomers to the sport, Tomb Kings teams hail from the scorching deserts far to the south, and travel from game to game on great barges that are bedecked with all the finery of their ancient kingdoms. Each team is led by a liche priest, an ancient wizard who holds the team together, quite literally, as well as fulfilling all the normal roles you'd expect from a head coach. The team itself is mostly made up of Skeletons of long-dead players who were sealed into the tombs alongside their deceased sponsors in millennia past, fulfilling the terms of their eternal contracts. Tomb Kings players wear ornate, and some say magical helmets carved in the likeness of their gods and anointed with sacred oils, which grant them some prowess on the field and make up for their lack of body mass. The team is rounded out with mighty Tomb Guardians, dauntless revenants who are an utter terror in the midfield [1].

Famous Khemri Teams

  • Neter-Khertet

Famous Khemri Star Players

  • Humeras Carpal
  • Ithaca Benoin
  • Setekh
  • Sinnedbad
  • Ramtut III
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