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Khaine, as imagined by an artist who, most undoubtedly, was not at this scene.

Khaela Mensha Khaine, or "The Bloody-Handed God", is an Elven god worshipped predominantly by Dark Elves and High Elves. Although "Khaine" is the name of the god, "Khaela Mensha" may be used because it is a title which translates to "bloody-handed', a reference to the blood which eternally drips from his hands as a reminder of his murder of the ancient Elven hero, Eldanesh.

Khaine is the god of violence, murder, war, cruelty, and blood, and so naturally, fits nicely within the Blood Bowl culture. There is a difference in worship between the High Elves and Dark Elves. For the High Elves, Khaine is seen has a god of battle, and so it is entirely appropriate to pray to Khaine before or during a game. However, because Khaine represents the unharnessed rage of bloodlust, it is deemed inappropriate to worship him at any other time. For the Dark Elves, Khaine is worshipped as a god of murder. This suits the harsh society of Dark Elves, who view any sign of weakness as a fatal flaw. Holidays dedicated to Khaine, such as the Harvest of Souls and Death Night, invariably involve killing, usually in the form of a ritualized Blood Bowl game. Because of the religious devotion, there is no surprise as to why Dark Elves field Assassins or Witch Elves, the former who consider themselves as the "Knives of Khaine", and the latter who consider themselves as the "Brides of Khaine".

There are numerous similarities between Khaine and the Chaos God, Khorne. Some religious scholars believe them to be one and the same. For the Dark Elves, there is a complete distinction between the two. For Dark Elves (and many others), Khorne represents bloodthirsty, wild abandon- uncontrolled anger and bloodlust- while Khaine is dedicated to more deliberate, cunning, and ritualistic violence.