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Grim Ironjaw is star player Troll Slayer who has free agency and lends out his services to Dwarf teams. Winning various awards, Ironjaw seeks to make his way to the Blood Bowl Championship and face against the toughest opponents Blood Bowl has to offer[1]. Grim Ironjaw is a free agent and currently lends his services to Dwarf and Old World Alliance teams[2].

Professional Career

Grim Ironjaw began his career as a Troll Slayer with the Black Mountain Blades for one season in the Thunder Valley League, a league rife with Orcs. At the end of the season, Ironjaw moved to other teams, including the Dwarf Giants and the Dwarf Warhammerers[1].

Personal Life

Troll Slayers are players who have committed such shameful acts that the only way they may regain their honor is to die gloriously in Blood Bowl. Currently, no one knows exactly what act shamed Ironjaw into joining the Slayer Cult[1].



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