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Goblin artwork by Games Workshop, 2010

Goblins are cruel, callous, and uncouth, with a juvenile sense of humor and a wicked imagination dedicated to discovering new ways of hurting others without getting hurt themselves. This tends to make them better Blood bowl fans than players, and indeed Goblin fans have a solid reputation throughout the Old World for turning up hours before the match, getting drunk, starting fights (as long as they outnumber the opposition at least two to one), singing lewd and insulting songs at the top of their voices, and generally causing trouble wherever they go [1].

As for the teams themselves, well... a Goblin team's game plan owes much more to hope than potential. Goblins can make quite good catchers because they are small and agile, and are therefore able to dodge through gaps in the opposing line where larger players could not get through. Throwing the ball, on the other hand, is not an art that Goblins have ever really mastered, and so it is not uncommon for a Goblin receiver to go an entire match without being thrown the ball. Most teams improve their throwing game by recruiting one or more Trolls. Admittedly, these lumbering simpletons aren't very good at picking up the ball either, but they're very good at picking up Goblins (who may or may not be holding the ball) and chucking them into the opposition's half of the pitch. Creative solutions are often the best [1]!

The fact that Goblin teams win even the occasional match can be attributed to one factor: their extensive, flagrant use of "secret" weapons. From chainsaws to pogo sticks to satchels full of explosives, there's very little a Goblin team won't use to gain an advantage on the pitch. They're also known to be incredibly efficient when it comes to fouling- Dirty 'Arris, who is still looked up to by bribe-happy Gobbos across the land, actually perfected the art of belaboring a downed opponent with a large bag of gold, then releasing it in one smooth motion so it landed neatly at the ref's feet... [1]

Famous Goblin Teams

Famous Goblin (and Troll) Star Players

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