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Glotl Stop is a Kroxigor, debuting for the Amazon team, the Feathered Jaguars. After the Jaguars disbanded in 2492, Glotl Stop became a free agent and lends his services to Amazon and Lizardmen teams[1].

Professional Career

Glotl Stop played for the Feathered Jaguars from 2484 until the unfortunate mix-up with their team kit colors in 2492, confusing Glotl Stop into attacking his own players. The resulting massacre of both sides left the Jaguars dissolved. After 2492, Glotl Stop's manager, Ithalea, decided to hire him out as a free agent[1].

Personal Career

Glotl Stop was born in a forgotten spawning pool in a forgotten ruin of a temple-city in 2482. Amazon hunters captured him after he killed 24 of them, and brought him to be trained for Blood Bowl for the next two years of his life. Due to his unusual spawning and upbringing, Glotl Stop looks slightly different than other Kroxigor such as a longer jaw, harder scales, and more powerful limbs. His temperament is more violent than that of the more common Kroxigor as well[1].



Currently, there are no models of Glotl Stop.

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