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By the time of his death, Roze-El and his acolytes were able to piece enough rules and clarifications for a proper game of Blood Bowl, with at least 16 teams competing in the first season. Most people who became players simply did so by trying to walk on to a team. However, the need for skilled players rose, and so The Crush was created so that teams had a steady pool of qualified athletes to choose from. Soon, problems arose when various teams from the Auld World and New World began to create variations of the rules. Unable to reach an agreement on the rules when a match between the Reikland Reavers and Dwarf Giants met, a regression to full scale war was narrowly avoided.

Soon, an organization called the Nuffle Amorical Football, also known as The NAF, was formed just in time to lay down a universal set of rules that needed to be followed by all teams starting in the year, 2409. Twin conferences were ratified in 2431, the New World Football Conference, or NFC, and the Auld World Football Conference, or AFC, would send the winners of their respective conferences for a final match to win the coveted Blood Bowl trophy.

The Wheel of the Eight Lores of Magic

Naturally, with any sort of organization or team that needs money, company sponsors came to partake in the money that was coming in from ticket sales. The first sponsor of the Blood Bowl Trophy in 2461 was Bloodweiser Beer, and with the influx of money and advertising, Blood Bowl grew larger and appealed to more prospective fans.

Jorge Hellhound, the third Scared Commissioner, preceded by Djimm Thorp, created an innovation that forever changed how people watched Blood Bowl. Before, if a fan wanted to watch their favorite team, they had to either hope the team was in town, or pray to Nuffle of good tidings from the Blood Bowl pages of scrolls or newspapers. Hellhound wanted a broader audience and purchased the services of the Colleges of Magic to create a way for people to watch a Blood Bowl game from the comfort of their own home or pub.

A common Camra carried by a common Goblin.

The result of Hellhound's efforts culminated in the creation of a device known as the Camra, which derives its name from the Campaign for Real Arcanery. With this innovation, Hellhound sold the franchise to Channel 7 for a then lucrative offer of 714 gold crowns. This caused various media outlets to vie for the bidding rights on various games and competitions. Due to these counter-bids, the Blood Bowl Championship has been shown on the Necromancer's Broadcasting Circle (NBC), the Crystal Ball service (CBS), and the Association of Broadcasting Conjurers (ABC). ABC's coverage of of the Blood Bowl Championship in 2486 was purchased at $12 million gold crowns.