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The following are a list of titles published by the Black Library, and are categorized as eBooks or eShorts. These can be found and purchased at: For now, we will not consider any stories canon as they do not introduce any new playable star characters, nor do they follow the rules of the game itself- e.g. zombies playing on Human teams.

Title, Author, Year of Punlishing Plot

A Last Sniff of Glory, by David Guymer, 2017

Skaven Star player Rurrk is starting to feel his age – his joints ache, he’s not as fast as he used to be, and his armour has become rather tight of late. But if he can’t maintain his position on the team, and keep the young pretenders at bay, he’s doomed. In the foetid tunnels of the skaven, only the fittest survive. The only way Rurrk will be able to get through the next match is a good sniff of warpstone, and using his ultimate secret weapon – a mechanical steam-claw made specially for him by the master weaponsmiths of Clan Skryre.

Da Bank Job, by Andy Hall, 2017

Brobag, captain and owner of the Big ‘Uns, is in trouble. His lacklustre orc team has never won a single match, they’re running out of money, and they’re on the verge of being relegated. A local invitational gives him the opportunity to change the team’s fortunes, but there’s one big problem – they have to fight their way past all the other challengers, then play the Reikland Reavers, one of the most famous Blood Bowl teams in the Empire! There’s just one option left to Brobag – bend the rules big time (and hope he can keep his pet squig under control).

Doc Mogrim's Vow, by Josh Reynolds, 2017

Having sworn an oath and despite his misgivings, Doc Morgrim is returning to Norsca and the hold of Krakadrak to take part in the Tournament of a Hundred Woes. His Blood Bowl team, the Middenplatz Manglers, must prove their mettle against The Dragon's Hold Drakeslayers in a game where victory will not only determine the spoils but something much more important to Morgrim... his freedom!

Fixed, by Robbie Macniven

Nordland Rangers star player Greig Garr is in trouble, and living a lifestyle he can no longer afford now his glory days are over. As the team slips down the league, and his debts mount, it becomes harder and harder for him to keep his coveted position as team captain. Badly injured after a nasty run-in with a lizardman, Garr must find a way to play in the next match or he won’t be able to pay back his debts. A mysterious stranger offers to cure his leg, but what will the true cost of his amazing help be?

Foul Play, by Andy Hall, 2017

His glory days now behind him, ex Blood Bowl player Gulden von Sulkenhof now makes a living working as hired thug for the Kobassi brothers, a pair of notorious ogres who run a notorious crime empire in Altdorf. But there’s a big match coming up, and the Kobassis have placed a massive bet on the outcome, backing the weaker team to win. To ensure their plan works, they fix things so Sulk referees the game. Faced with cheating dwarfs and chronically violent orcs, Sulk has to use all his ingenuity to make sure the ‘right’ team wins.

The Hack Attack, by Matt Forbeck, 2017

The top-ranked Cabalvision show Where are They Now? is turning its attention to one of the greatest Blood Bowl teams of the past – the Bad Bay Hackers. What are the players up to now – did Dunk and Spinne ever tie the knot, did Edgar ever put down roots, and what possible employment could the ogre M’Grash K’Thragsh find after retiring from the game? As for Dirk, now team captain and co-coach, what are his plans once he retires and how will these impact on Jim and Bob, the eternally cheerful Cabalvision co-presenters? 

Catch up with the stars of the Bad Bay Hackers in this wonderful retrospective by Blood Bowl novels author Matt Forbeck.

Hoppo's Pies, by Guy Haley, 2017

The Grotty Stealers’ glory days are far behind them. Provided with a duff load of players by the team’s parsimonious new owner Mirk ‘The Smirk’ Grobblehod, team coach and ex-star player Diglit is at his wit’s end. His new orc blocker keeps eating the throwers and is so thick he can’t tell his feet from his hands, snotlings have taken over the locker room, while Diglit himself is three lost games away from an uncomfortable last night at the hands of the local betting syndicate. After a disastrous pitch invasion at a Bovine Brawlers away game tramples half his best players into the turf, Diglit is about to throw in the towel, until a chance encounter with a mysterious halfling pie seller in a darkened alley offers him new hope. But are Boffo’s pies magic at all, and just what exactly is in that delicious filling?

Manglers Never Lose, by Josh Reynolds, 2017

Tyrus Bundt, coach of the Middenplatz Manglers, finds his star player dead on the eve of the Doombowl finals. With no time to recruit a replacement, he can only think of one last, desperate option – find a necromancer!

Mazlocke's Cantrip of Superior Substitution, by Graeme Lyon, 2017

To say that orc team the Black Water Boyz are down on their luck would be an understatement. They have lost every game they have played this season, and are almost broke. They simply have to win their next game, but with a team of ten dispirited orcs and a nameless goblin pitted against the Talabheim Titans, their quick defeat looks certain. Borgut, the orcs’ coach, can only think of one solution. It might not be entirely legal, but he could spend the last of the team’s cash hiring a wizard to help them win the game. It’s a brilliant plan – what can possibly go wrong?

Pride and Penitence, by Alec Worley, 2017

Halfway through the Purity Cup final, and the Bright Crusaders – a team renowned for never ever breaking the rules, or behaving dishonourably – are in trouble. Their skaven opponents have no compunction about using any means possible to win, and the Crusaders are already down to two-thirds of their strength. Their one hope is to galvanise their erratic star player - Gerhardt the Penitent - into leading the team to victory. If only they can get him to believe for once that winning is the right thing to do!

Scrape to Victory, by Gav Thorpe, 2017

Kikkit, a lowly Skaven lineman, is on the brink of getting the league’s ‘most injuries to downed opponent’ record – earning him a surefire tryout for the Skavenblight Scramblers if he can get one more downed opponent. And he needs the money - his ‘agent’ has sold Kikkit’s contract to get out of the debt. It’s 50,000 gold crowns or his body for the lab table; Clan Moulder don’t care which. Kikkit faces a hard choice – run for the hills or play in the Crookback Cretins’ final match of the season against the halflings of the Tinklebrook Trotters. Unfortunately, the halflings prove remarkably resilient. With time ticking away in sudden death extra time, Kikkit faces an impossible choice – save the team, or save himself?

Skeleton Key, by David Annandale, 2017

The mummy Ramtut, star player of the Champions of Death, already disgusted by what he perceives as the sad decline of the game since his days among the living, is further dismayed by the atmosphere surrounding the Dungeonbowl. Against all expectations, the sickeningly moral Bright Crusaders have reached this championship, and the overwhelmingly human audience is cheering a match promoted as a mythical clash between Good and Evil. But unknown to either team, a group of disaffected greenskin supporters have plans of their own for the outcome of the game.