Dwarf Warhammerers

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 Franchise History

Dwarf Warhammerers (??? - present) 

??? - present: Danger Zone

The Dwarf Warhammerers are known in the Blood Bowl world for two things: cheating with weapons and being as dangerous as they can be on the field. Fortunately for the former, they have helped to invent new ways to play, including their high-caliber-loading-breech cannon as part of their passing play. Unfortunately for their being dangerous on the field, this also applies to their own team[1].

In 2486, while playing the Champions of Death, the Warhammerers were winning 2-0 when the three Mjolnir Brothers tried to reinforce their flying-V tactic with explosives and coach-bolts. By the end of the game, they had wiped out their own bench and half of their own team[1].

In 2487, the Warhammerers were suspended for three games due to an illegal use of a bulldozer. By NAF ruling, on the bottom of match tickets, there must be a clear printing of this disclaimer: "Beware- these guys are kerr-ayzee![1]"

Another example of the Warhammerers' willingness to use cheap tricks includes the stunning 3-0 against the Darkside Cowboys in 2488. They stored so much magical energy in their Gator-Ade tub that it leaked out and lit the stadium like day. This allowed the Warhammerers to shut down Moravis Curfew's throwing game and get them to make 15 interceptions[2].

Star Players


As of now, there are no rosters of the Dwarf Warhammerers.

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