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Dwarf Giants (2381 - present) 

2381 - 2436: Rebranding and War

Having followed the laws of Nuffle for a long time, the Illuminated Seers of the Sacred Orb rebrand themselves to become the Dwarf Giants. Retired player turned Head Coach, Varak Varaksson, sets new standards for recruitment, tactics, and training, bringing the Giants into Blood Bowl on a more even keel. They win their first NFC Championship in 2399[1].

Unfortunately for the Giants, in 2400, the progress made in developing the team came to an end when Orc and Goblin armies, led by Argvak Pentel, invaded Dwarven realms. The underground war lasted thirty-six years, resulting in the death of many Dwarf Giants, including Coach Varaksson[1].

2436 - Present: Rising and Staying in the Ranks

2436 - 2487: Proving Their Worth

Although the war was over, the Dwarf Giants needed to re-institute their regimen and regain their footing. Hiring Coach Farakhan Karrag to replace the heroic Varaksson, the Giants were able to capture their second NFC Championship title in 2438. Throughout the subsequent years, the Dwarf Giants win five more NFC titles (holding the record for most NFC titles) as well as two Blood Bowl Championships (II and XXIV). Due to these successes, the Giants become one of the top teams in Blood Bowl[1].

2488 - present: Wolfric/Helmsmasher Leadership

Coach Gudrun Wolfric joined the team in 2488, and led by new captain, Grimwold "The Helmsmasher" Grimmbreath, the Giants have gained new awards and records for fatalities and touchdowns in various games[1].

Star Players




2488/2489 Season
Number Name Position
C Gudrun Wolfric Coach
1 Grimwold Grimbreath Blitzer
2 Axebreaker Jones Lineman
3 Icesplitter Wyrdhelm Blitzer
4 Kurt Livingrock Blitzer
5 Granite Rivalblade Blocker
6 "Pick" Seamsunder Blocker
7 Rockrider Howitzer Blocker
8 Dmitri Coaleyes Blocker
9 Fritz Herbgrinder Blocker
10 Artur Tunnelflame Blocker
11 Flintforge Hammer Kicker
12 Longstrider Anvilsteam Kicker
13 Gunner Diamondvain Lineman
14 Partizan Helmut Lineman
15 Stoneshape Peakbreaker Lineman
16 Ferdinand "Gunner" Gunnarson Lineman


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