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Dwarf artwork by Games Workshop, 2010


Dwarfs were one of the first races to play Blood Bowl and many Dwarf teams can trace their history to the early years of the game. Dwarfs tend to use a running game, grinding their opponents into the ground as they go and working on the principle of high casualty rates opening up the field. Weakness both with and against the passing game has been a feature of the Dwarf playbook for many centuries. There are, however, so many Dwarf teams around that it is possible to find one to suit many tastes [1].

It is, however, the Dwarfs' reputation for flamboyant illegality that makes them such a big hit with the fans. Since it was a Dwarf, now immortalized by the name of Roze-El, who first discovered Nuffle's sacred laws and brought the game into being, most Dwarf teams believe they have the lasting right to alter the laws as they choose [1].

Famous Dwarf Teams

Famous Dwarf Star Players

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