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Dungeonbowl was first started by the Colleges of Magic who couldn't decide on which of the ten colleges was the most powerful. With the popularity of Blood Bowl, the Colleges of Magic had each individual College field their own team, represented by the colors specific to the College. They attempted to start their own league but the NAF would not recognize them in their own right. After many arguments, fights, death, and whining, the Colleges of Magic created Dungeonbowl in 2473, to be ruled over by the Magicians Armorial Dungeonbowl Federation (MAD)[1].

Style of Play

Dungeonbowl is a variant of Blood Bowl and should not be seen as just another tournament. Two teams start at opposite end of a small underground complex. Instead of a kick-off, the wizards running the game hide a ball in a chest placed in an unknown location in the dungeon. There are five other chests also placed throughout the "pitch" which are decoys and rigged to explode if tampered with[2].

Dungeonbowl brawl, art by Carl Critchlow, 1989

Although players still run, tackle, blitz, et cetera, they can take transportation portals which sends them in other locations of the myriad of hallways or rooms that comprise the underground dungeon. This is extremely dangerous, as teleportation has never been an exact science, and so there have been players who have disappeared without the benefit of reappearing[2].

The Colleges and their Teams

Each of the ten Colleges play each other twice throughout the season and the top two teams compete in the final for Dungeonbowl[3].




Races Who can Play on the Team
Light Wizards White Doom Forgers Dwarfs, Halflings, Werewolves
Golden Wizards Yellow War Hawks Orcs, Snotlings, Ogres
Jade Wizards Green Green Destroyers Goblins, Orcs, Trolls
Celestial Wizards Blue Celestial Comets Elves
Grey Wizards Grey Grey Shadows Humans, Snotlings, Ogres
Amethyst Wizards Purple Grim Reapers Skaven, Goblins, Minotaurs
Bright Wizards Red Blood Axes Dwarfs, Humans
Amber Wizards Brown Storm Bolts Dark Elves, Orcs, Skaven
Rainbow Wizards Multi Harlequins Elves, Halflings, Humans
Dark Wizards Black Black Widows Skeletons, Mummies, Trolls

Prizes and money

The prize and money offered to the winners of the Dungeonbowl are the Dungeonbowl Trophy and 150,000 gold pieces. The losers receive 100,000 gold pieces. In addition, the winners receive a master wizard for the coming season, allowing them to have two wizards on their roster, the only time this is allowed in all of Blood Bowl[4].



Winning Team Score Losing Team
2473 Storm Bolts
2474 The Grim Reapers
2475 Green Destroyers
2476** **Match Abandoned
2477 Harlequins
2478 Grey Shadows
2479 Blood Axes
2480 Grey Shadows
2481 Harlequins Grim Reapers
2482 Doom Forgers Harlequins
2483 Warhawks
2484 Blood Axes
2485 Blood Axes
2486 Harlequins
2487 War Hawks
2488 Celestial Comets
2489 Blood Axes Storm Bolts
2490 Black Widows
2491 Celestial Comets
2492 Chaos All-Stars
2493 Skavenblight Scramblers
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