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Companies and Sponsors

As with all things at a professional level, Blood Bowl costs a lot of money. Tournaments, teams, equipment, travel, litigation, and a myriad of other things takes a lot of money to cover. For many teams, the money could be found through sponsorships. Not all companies sponsor Blood Bowl directly, but those who have are able to get their name and brand across the continents through advertisements or sponsorship deals of specific players, teams, and tournaments. The revenue produced through sponsorship can be quite lucrative indeed. The following companies have been mentioned in the fluff and lore of Blood Bowl.

Company Name Products Sponsored First Appearance
Altdorf Master Jewellers' Guild Manufacturing of Trophies and Cups Blood Bowl Cup Spike! Journal #3, 2018
Blood Bowl Ball Company (BBBC) Balls 2nd Ed., 1988
Bloodweiser Ales and Lagers Blood Bowl Trophy, Bloodweiser

Best Newcomer Medal

2nd Ed., 1988
Brides of Khaine Cosmetics Emporium Cosmetics Death Zone: Season Two, 2017
Collars by Khorne Battle Accessories Scyla Anfingrimm Spike! Journal #1, 2018
Dwarven Architects Guild Construction Dwarf Giants Team Star Players, 1989
Farblast & Sons Ordnance Solutions Weaponry and Engineering Death Zone: Season Two, 2017
Four Seasons Coaching Lines Transportation Reikland Reavers Team Star Players, 1989
Gorenier Beauty Products Roxanna Darknail Spike! Journal #2, 2018
Grisnik's Stickum Magic Salve 5th Ed., 2008
Gristlebrook's Giant Emporium Slave Giants Skorag Gristlebrook Spike! Journal #8, 2019
Hoofwear Swimwear Grashnak Blackhoof Spike! Journal #1, 2018
Imperial Clothiers Guild Clothing Darkside Cowboys Team Star Players, 1989
Imperial Mines Mining Underworld Creepers Team Star Players, 1989
Kroxorade Sports Drinks 5th Ed., 2008
McMurty's Burger Emporium Food McMurty's Spamburgers Footballer of

the Year Award

2nd Ed., 1988
Metalworkers Guild Metal Refining Dwarf Warhammerers Star Players, 1989
Middenheim Messenger News Spike! Journal #4, 2018
Middenheim Mirror News 2nd Ed., 1988
Middenland Bank Banking Howling Hills Hellions Death Zone: Season Two, 2017
Mootland Harvester Magazine Spike! Journal #1, 2018
Moranion's Restaurant Death Zone: Season Two, 2017
Mulligatawny Soup Soup Mulligatawny Soup Cup Star Players, 1989
Nickit and Scarpa of Nuln Lawyers Midden Moors Marauders Death Zone: Season Two, 2017
Orcidas Athletic Apparel Chaos Cup 2471, Orcidas Team of

the Year Award

2nd Ed., 1988
Orcworld Magazine News Orcworld Magazine Man of the Year

Award, Orcworld Magazine Orc of the

Year Award

2nd Ed., 1988
Piewhistle's Preeminent Patisserie Restaurant Spike! Journal #5, 2019
Pie X-Press Restaurant Delivery Spike! Journal #5, 2019
The Reavers Digest News Official Reikland Reavers Newsletter Star Players, 1989
Slaughterade Sports Drinks Scyla Anfingrimm Spike! Journal #1, 2018
Spike! Magazine News Spike! Magazine Tournament,

Spike! Magazine Anger Management Award,

Spike! Magazine Best Acceptance Speech,

Spike! Magazine Defensive Catcher Award,

Spike! Magazine Most Infuriating Player Award,

Spike! Magazine Most Punctured Player Award, Spike! Magazine Strong Arm Award

2nd Ed., 1988
Star Insurance Guild Insurance Elfheim Eagles Team Star Players, 1989
Steelhelm's Sporting Emporium Sporting Goods Death Zone: Season Two, 2017
Temple of Morr Champions of Death Team Star Players, 1989
Ulthuan Sporting Herald News Spike! Journal #2, 2018
Undertaker's Gazette News 2nd Ed., 1988
Wolf Runner Coaches Transportation Icecastle Wolves Star Players, 1989
Ye Olde Barbershop Hair Stylings Star Player Helmut Wulf 5th Ed., 2008