Blood Bowl Wiki

The NAF saw a popularity boom and a huge increase of cash while governing Blood Bowl in the 80s. The NAF built its headquarters next to the site where Mungk accidentally rediscovered the sport. The Blood Bowl Museum and Hall of Fame was built near the headquarters and had a "permanent exhibition detailing the history of the game and the careers of many of its most brilliant players"[1].


However, the '88-'89 season, though hugely successful, led to the biggest scandal and catastrophe in NAF history. Nikk Three-Horn, the NAF Commissioner, absconded with the entire treasury, along with most of the Darkside Cowboys' cheerleading squad, during the 2489 Blood Bowl final.

This crime sent the NAF into chaos (little "c"). After a succession of commissioners who exemplified incompetence and corruption, the NAF had to declare bankruptcy in 2490 and went into receivership.

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