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Mutated Minotaur, video game capture, Cyanide Studios

The world of Blood Bowl is host to countless teams whose players dedicate themselves to the powers of Chaos, from mighty champions who play entirely for the glory of their patron god (Nurgle's Rotters and Khorne's Killers being two especially well-known examples) to rabbles of Beastmen and mutants. A type particularly beloved of Blood Bowl fans the world over, however, are the so-called Renegades- teams made up almost exclusively of the flotsam and jetsam of the various leagues [1].

Chaos Renegades players really are the lowest of the low, and that's saying something in Blood Bowl! While some are thugs or marauders from the far north, the vast majority are outcasts thrown out of established teams having proven themselves inveterate cheaters, ill-disciplined foulers, or lazy shirkers, or perhaps having run off with the team's treasury or head cheerleader. When they run out of coaches willing to offer a position on the roster, they band together to form their own rag-tag outfits, teams (barely) held together by the players' mutual love of violence and gold. Most renegades are human (to start out with at least), but most teams have at least one Goblin, Skaven, Orc, or even a Dark Elf on the roster, and some are able to field a Troll, Ogre, or Minotaur, making them a mismatched and eccentric group of players indeed (and a nightmare for NAF scribes to categorize!) [1].

Having fallen so far from the grace of Nuffle, these teams of ne'er do wells and scoundrels often attract the attentions of the Chaos gods, who, as everyone knows, are huge fans of Blood Bowl. Impressive feats on the pitch are often rewarded with the (sometimes dubious) gifts of one or the other of the gods of Chaos, whether or not the player actually wants such a reward. Thus, Chaos Renegades teams are often a riot of mutation, with players frequently exhibiting extra limbs, heads, or tentacles [1].

The fans love the spectacle of Chaos Renegades teams as no two are alike and their deeds on the pitch can rarely be predicted. Unfortunately, what the fans love about them, would-be coaches, owners, and sponsors hate, ensuring that a few, with the exception of the greatest such team of all time- the Chaos All-Stars- ever rise to the heights of true glory. Renegade players really are their own worst enemy, often selfishly refusing to pass the ball for a sure-thing touchdown in favor of making a doomed dash for the End Zone themselves. However well or badly they play, Chaos Renegades are always a spectacle to behold [1]!

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