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Chaos Beastman artwork by Games Workshop, 2010


Blood Bowl is arguably even more popular among the followers of the Chaos gods than it is among civilized folk. Maybe its the cult-like supporters' clubs, the constant violence both on and off the pitch, or just the brightly-colored strips. Whatever the case, wherever you find a Blood Bowl stadium, you're guaranteed to find at least one team made up of an assortment of thoroughly debased, dedicated followers of Chaos. Most of the teams' players tend to be Beastmen, hideous mutants who have given up their forest lairs for the sporting life, but their numbers are bolstered by the presence of superhuman Chosen and frenzied, blood crazed Minotaurs. Such teams are hardly subtle, often forgetting about the ball entirely as they grind their opponents into the turf, all in veneration of the Ruinous Powers they worship [1].

Famous Chaos Chosen Teams

  • The Chaos Thugs
  • The Claws of Chaos
  • The Doom Lords
  • The Everchosen
  • Khorne's Killers
  • The Skulls of Katam

Famous Chaos Chosen Star Players

Star Players Who Play For Chaos Chosen Teams

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