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Chaos Cup Trophy

With the NAF filing bankruptcy, all teams had to rely on funding themselves entirely. Almost half would file bankruptcy themselves and dissolve or sell players to the other, more lucrative teams. Almost all teams had to sell their stadiums and would be forced to live a life of barnstorming, playing any teams that offered a challenge. Instead of the normal summers off, Blood Bowl teams had to play year round to make ends meet.

Without a unifying organization like the NAF, the only way to salvage Blood Bowl would be for the media and sponsors to combine forces. Besides the teams, the Cabalvision networks lost revenue a swell. Without major games playing, including the Blood Bowl Championship, networks like the Necromancer's Broadcasting Circle (NBC) joined with companies such as Orcidas to host tournaments- specifically the first Chaos Cup Open Tournament funded by an NBC/Orcidas joint venture.

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