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Champions of Death (2439 - present) 

2425 - 2439: Raising a Team

Around 2425, Tomolandry the Undying, master necromancer, discovered he enjoyed Blood Bowl and decided on creating a team. Instead of normal recruitment practices, Tomolandry used his necromancy skills towards raising dead players and having them join the team[1].

Nearly a decade later, Tomolandry was able to field a viable team, and in 2439, the Champions of Death have reasonable success, especially on the financial side, as Tomolandry had no wages or benefits to pay his players[1].

2439 - present: Shambling to Victory

2439 - 2465: Legalities Over Fatalities

The Champions of Death enter professional Blood Bowl by joining the AFC in 2449, after a decade in the minors. However, accusations over the legal precedence of raising former players from other teams goes to the ruling board, the NAF. The final straw occurred in 2451, when Tomolandry was accused by the Dwarf Giants of stealing one of their dead blockers, Skrull Halfheight. The NAF ruled in favor of Tomolandry's practice as there was nothing stated in the Law of Nuffle about how long a player's contract lasts. Most teams then add by-lines in contracts that a player is team property including after death[1].

2464 - 2489: Captaincy of Ramtut III

In 2464, Ramtut III, an 8,000 year old Blood Bowl player, is signed to the Champions and is made captain. The same year, the Champions win the AFC championship and defeat the Vynheim Valkyries in Blood Bowl VI. Twenty years later, in 2486, the Champions repeat their domination of the sport with their win in Blood Bowl XXVI[1].

2489 - present: After the Collapse

After the collapse of the NAF, the Champions struggle after losing two major stars, Ramtut III and Hugo "The Impaler" von Irongrad. They are able to adjust and continue being a strong contender for the Blood Bowl Championship[2].

Star Players

Models and Pictures  



2465/2466 Season
Number Name Position
C Tomolandry the Undying Coach
1 Ramtut III Mummy
2 Sekhmeht VII Mummy
3 Splinter Boneshard Wight
4 Maz "Bones" Kilmesh Wight
5 G'Hol Bloodstained Ghoul
6 Gilda Fleshspitter Ghoul
7 Gyӧrgy Romanov Zombie
8 Mikhail von Jacks Zombie
9 Throttlegrim the Elder Zombie
10 Ricardo Verminelli Skeleton
11 Brittle Snaparm Skeleton
12 Styff Simeon Skeleton
2488/2489 Season
Number Name Position
C Tomolandry the Undying Coach
1 Ramtut III Mummy
2 Throttlegrim the Elder Mummy
3 Brittle Snaparm Thrower
4 Quietus Hades Thrower
5 Rigor Mortis Catcher
6 Cain Catcher
7 Ivan the Revived Lineman
8 Toxix Lineman
9 Carcass Bloodletter Lineman
10 Harry Obitu Lineman
11 Styff Simeon Lineman
12 Splinter Marrowblade Lineman


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