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Bright Crusaders (2441 - present) 

2441 - present: Piety, Humility, and Nuffle

In 2441, after spending years as a Priestess of Nuffle from the Order of the Unchallenged Call, Ingrid the Pious founded the Bright Crusaders team and spent the next eight years getting them ready for professional competition. To be recruited to her team, Ingrid the Pious regularly referenced the Thirty-Two Sacred Plays, the Great Book of Amorical Football, and the Holy Guidelines of the Sixth Appendix[1].

The Crusaders are made up of devotees of Nuffle, and are therefore against all forms of dirty plays, fouls, and underhanded tricks in order to win a game[1].




2472/2473 Season
Number Name Position
C Kurt Heiliger Coach
1 Peter "The Paladin" Lowenhart Blitzer
2 Ulfric Holzfeller Blitzer
3 Siegfried Gutmann Thrower
4 Morgan Lefay Thrower
5 Wolfhart Heldenhof Catcher
6 Brandan Van Sant Catcher
7 Elegast Goedziel Lineman
8 Johann Riko Lineman
9 Jacques Rabelais Lineman
10 Anton Rikjers Lineman
11 Justus the Meek Lineman
12 Solomon Graves Lineman


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