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Blood Bowl XXXIV was a Championship Blood Bowl game between the Skavenblight Scramblers and Da Deff Skwadd to decide the Blood Bowl (BB) champion for the '93/'94 season in 2494. The Scramblers defeated Da Deff Skwadd, 4-0, in what would be the fourth win of the Blood Bowl Championship and the second time the Scramblers won back to back championships, ht last time in Blood Bowl XVII and Blood Bowl XVIII.

Game Summary

Early in the game, Fungus the Loon of Da Deff Skwadd was able to take four Scramblers off of the pitch with a well-placed grenade. Da Deff Skwadd was unable to capitalize especially after Urgrain Kneebender, blitzer for Da Deff Skwadd tripped just before the endzone. The Scramblers were able to rally and continued to expose Da Deff Skwadd's lack of plan in containing the speed and resilience of the Scramblers[1].

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