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Blood Bowl XXXIII was a Championship Blood Bowl game between the Auld World Football Conference (AFC) champion Evil Gits and the New World Football Conference (NFC) champion Skavenblight Scramblers to decide the Blood Bowl (BB) champion for the '92/'93 season in 2493. The Scramblers defeated the Evil Gits, 3-2, in what would be the third win of the Blood Bowl Championship after the Scramblers won back to back championships in Blood Bowl XVII and Blood Bowl XVIII.

Game Summary

By the end of the first half, the Skavenblight Scramblers were down 0-2 against the Evil Gits. By the end of the second half, with the help of a last second touchdown by star blitzer, Varmit Evileye, the Scramblers were able to score three unanswered touchdowns, for their 3-2 win. Afterwards, questions about the Evil Gits lack of play and aggressive style led to an investigation from concerned parties which found a powerful laxative added to the Gits' barley water. The Scramblers, for once, were cleared unanimously, and some witnesses reported a person who resembled the manager of the Marauders leaving the Gits' dugout just before halftime began. The Marauders previously lost the Gits in the semi-finals due to a controversy calling out the Gits for illegal hiring practices, illegal banking practices, and borrowing other players from other teams to win[1].

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