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Athelorn Avengers (2429 - present) 

2429 - present: Deep Rooted Rivalry

In 2429, the Athelorn Avengers made their debut in the Elven Kingdoms League. After several shady games with the Darkside Cowboys, including many Avengers players suffering career-limiting injures, the Avengers vow vengeance against their Dark Elf brethren. The resulting rivalry has lasted to the present, even when both teams were inducted into the NAF, in 2472[1].

After the collapse of the NAF in 2488/89, the Avengers suited well to the new style of open play, and are known to travel far and wide to play against any opponent[2].

The Avengers found themselves in a better position against other teams through constant training and counselling, leading to their win of Blood Bowl Championship XXXVI, in 2496[1].

Star Players



2495/2496 Season
Number Name Position
C Aed Hothriss Coach
1 Jordell Freshbreeze Wardancer
2 Noraen Dornvale Wardancer
3 Jem Goldstar Thrower
4 Brelenor Ferndale Thrower
5 Luarn Proudbow Catcher
6 Edrael Warwren Catcher
7 Morwyn Slenderlimb Lineman
8 Cathdrien Waterfall Lineman
9 Issas Springblossom Lineman
10 Honeydew Meadow Lineman
11 Celion Riverstone Lineman
12 Daeseth Fairbloom Lineman


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