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Amazon artwork, by Cyanide Studios

The Amazons of Lustria are an enigma and several, often contradictory, stories of their origins exist. One tells that long ago, driven by a desire for adventure (and, some say, a desire to escape the constant winter), a group of Norse Valkyries set sail for distant shores. After a journey worthy of a saga in its own right, they founded a colony deep wihtin the basin of a great river that wound its way through a massive rainforest. Cut off from the outside world, a new warrior society sprung up, borrowing customs from the native Lizardmen who seemed to look upon them as worthy additions to the tribes of the forest [1].

Years later, a group that had been sent back to their homeland to bring news of their triumphs returned with tales of the great sport of Blood Bowl, and the rest is history! Another legend claims that the Amazons were created by ancient, god-like beings to serve as the handmaidens of the gods. Perhaps both legends contain something of the truth, but either way, Amazons are natural athletes, and many possess the combination of agility and violence that marks them out as potential legends of the sport [1].

Famous Amazon Teams

Famous Amazon Star Players

Although there are star players who will play on an Amazons team, there are currently no star players that are unique to the Amazon race.


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